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Bayyinah Bello (Biography)



Yole Dérose

Madeline Ledan

Clarel Ledan


Bayyinah BelloShe was born on Thursday, March 25th, 1948. Her mother often told that gunshots were heard in the area of the Champ de Mars, Port-au-Prince, while the nurse arrived at the house for the baby’s delivery. Bayyinah is the mother of three sons: Hashim-Thawab, Siddiq Theo-dile, Yahya Akil and a daughter: Anakaona Bello. She is a grandmother of six grandchildren: three girls and three boys.

Spouse of deep African thought and lover of the history of Haiti, Bayyinah Bello discovered her commitment to education before the age of 10 and was introduced to this field through literacy programs in Africa. Once she had completed her primary education in Haiti, she was sent to Liberia to live with her mother. After having completed her High school in France, she joined her mother who had left Congo to settle in New York. In this city, she earned a degree in secretarial, a college degree in education. Back in Africa, she obtained in Nigeria a Master in linguistics, in Primary Education, diplomas and certificates in interpreting…

Her professional career began in 1969 in the United States of America. She discovered the joys of writing in 1970 at the birth of her first-born for whom she wrote her first children's story. In Nigeria, she uncovered her passion for history in Arabic language, which allowed her to explore other literary and historical visions. She returned to the United States where she worked as a publicist, teaching French in the evening. Returning to her native country, she taught at the university and founded a primary and secondary bilingual school. She went to Togo, where she taught English and Arabic in different financial institutions.
Today, her energies are concentrated in the construction of the “Marie Claire Heureuse Félicité Bonheur Dessalines Foundation" also called "Fondasyon  Félicité" (FF) for historical research. The ultimate goal of this foundation is the establishment of an “Ayitien” education system working to build a "Ayitienne" and a "Ayitien" aware of their strength, because they have learned to know their cultural vision, working with tools of their own, confident in their abilities and promoting better conditions of living for all.


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