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Yole Dérose Productions has a strong team with expertise in all areas related to entertainment and arts: administrative and technical resources, marketing and public relations, writers, poets, musicians, researchers, directors, photographers, stylists, dancers, choreographers, story tellers, decorators, sound and light technicians.


Yole Dérose

Madeline Ledan

Bayyinah Bello

Clarel Ledan

Director / Writer / Producer:  Yole L. Dérose
Co-Writers - Poets - Researchers –
Correctors - Translators :
Baiyinah Bello
Jean Claude Chéry
  Yole L. Dérose
  Willy Edwight Lafond
     Margarett O. Abraham
     Clarens Renois
Choreographer: Jean-René Delsoin
Stage Director: Daniel Marcelin
Voices: Joe Damas
  Réginald Lubin
  Daniel Marcelin
  Smoye Noisy
  Clarens Renois
Stylist: Madeline Ledan
Visual Communication: Rudolf Dérose
  Ranya Dérose
Reporter: Clarens Renois
Photographer: Patrice Dougé
Technical Resources: Patrick Audant
  Henry Célestin
  Alexander Prinstil
  Sandra Duvivier
  Eddy Reno
  Paul R. Jr Ménager
  Pascal Lafond
Property Master: Florence Ledan
Public Relations: Fritzlaine Thézan
  Michèle Bayard Géhy
  Pascal Lafond
  Joseph Damas
  David Lafond
  Margarett O. Abraham
  Mikaelle Rigaud
     New York: Clarel Ledan
  Nadège Fleurimond
  Edouard Pierre
     Washington D.C.: Huguette Osselyn
     Canada: Ralph Prophète
  Betty Levros
     Miami: Carl Craig
  Lesly Jacques
  Danielle Barthélémy
  Maryse Jumelle
  Philippe Oriol
     Dominican Republic: Ranya Dérose
  Edwin Paraison
  Xiomara Fortuna
Mobile Team: Frantz Dérose
  Pascal Lafond
     Bernard Lafond
     Margarett O. Abraham
     David Lafond
     Cédrick Lafond

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